Mr. Vikramsinh D Jadeja (V D Jadeja), the founder of Rajupt .com site is the proprietor of Global Multi Services (GMS). Global multi Services is basically leading Engineering and Construction Company. Global Multi Services is also well known trader and importer of industrial safety and hardware products as well as importer of Furniture and interior from many countries To make a special space in very small friendly and co operative world and to prove his best ability Mr.V D Jadeja has visited many countries including London France Spain Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Abudabhi , Sarjaha , South Korea, China, Hong Kong , Macau Etc.

My opinion and kind request

With a vision statement of “Putting Our Rajput Samaj on work” I have studied a lot, and finally decided to walk with the present technological world.

I know the root of most weaknesses and problems of our society was the less education but now days we are so fast growing community in education field and achieving higher and higher goal in India as well as other countries.

So i think that we are very near to face the problem of UN employments.

With the help of this site we don’t only work for only placements of job but we are also working on the business sector.

I know it’s not possible for everyone to get or give the job but there is many more opportunities in self own business Sector. And we have all required characteristics for business. So why not we get benefit of our God Gifted Good virtues.

Through this website we are also on way to upload most of businesses, handled by the leading members of our society. I request to all leading businessman and business women of our society to upload their business and put their requirements of staff on this website to help and co operate needful members of our society and also co- operate the interested candidates who wants to start their own business.

Our next generation is stepping well to reform our society, we have to only provide them best platform. And this is the proper time right now, so please don’t miss this opportunity and go ahead to contribute yourself to reform of our society.

Hoping with kind co operation

(V. D. Jadeja)
Global Multi Services